Instrument: Whitendale Tree / Whitendale Tree Weir

Instrument: WHI_tree / WHI_tree_weir

Summary Details

ID WHI_tree / WHI_tree_weir
Location 26.1 / 26.2
Measurement Stage measured in a culvert (WHI_tree) and at a weir (WHI_tree_weir)
Catchment Upper Whitendale
OS Grid ref SD 66030 54663
Elevation 208.4 m
Area 0.06 km2
Data availability WHI_tree: 03/06/2008 - 31/01/2010 & WHI_tree_weir: 25/11/2008 - 31/01/2010
Location Process scale site for tree planting. Weir located 18m upstream of channel site
Abstractions There are no upstream United Untilities abstraction points
Related sites Upstream site, none; downstream site, WHI_out; other sites in Whitendale subcatchment, WHI_mid

Data Download

Cross section survey data, stage/discharge data (including manual measurements of stage) and time series of levels (not corrected for atmospheric pressure) may be downloaded here (1.7mb). (For details on using the data click here.)

Land Use / Management Changes

This small first order tributary has under gone tree planting.
  • Change Work carried out % area affected
    Tree planting Spring 2008 100


  • WHI_tree_weir: upstream view
  • WHI_tree_weir: downstream view
  • WHI_tree: upstream view
  • Upstream view of hillslope
  • The tubes contain tree saplings ~0.5-1.0m in height (Dec 2010)

Channel Description

The channel is confined to a culvert in the vicinity of the diver, channeling water beneath a road.

Stage-Discharge Measurements

A theoretical stage-discharge relationship exists for WHI_grip_weir (a V-notch thin plate weir conforming to BS3680). Rating points for WHI_tree are provided below. (WHI_tree has been largely superceded by WHI_tree_weir, but monitoring is continuing).

Date Time Stage (m) Discharge (m3/s)
02/10/2008 14:25 -0.345 0.00436

Time Series Data

The recorded levels (not corrected for atmospheric pressure) and temperature are shown below, separated out by month, for WHI_tree and WHI_tree_weir.

Channel Level: WHI_tree

Weir Level: WHI_tree_weir

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