Instrument: Brennand Outlet

Summary Details

ID BRE_out
Location # 2
Measurement Stage
Catchment Brennand
OS Grid ref SD 65271 53214
Elevation 172.7 m
Area 11.0 km2
Data availability 07/12/2007 - 31/01/2010 (data unreliable between 06/06/2009 - 25/06/2009 due to disturbance by livestock; gauge relocated: 25/06/09)
Location Immediately upstream of confluence with Whitendale (WHI_out)
Abstractions There are a number of upstream United Utilities abstraction points
Related sited Upstream sites, BRE_sap and BRE_rhw; downstream site, Footholme (EA gauge); other sites in Brennand subcatchment, BRE_grip

Data Download

Cross section survey data, stage/discharge data (including manual measurements of stage) and time series of levels (not corrected for atmospheric pressure) may be downloaded here (514kb). (For details on using the data click here)

Land Use / Management Changes

All grips in the Brennand catchment have been blocked; total length 28.3 km. Fences have been placed along the river banks and on the moors. Low stocking levels for habitat regeneration are being maintained in the headwaters. Stock is excluded on the western slope of the Brennand River, and in the riparian zones where trees have been planted. Mixed broadleaf trees have been planted in riparian zones throughout the catchment and on some hill slopes near Fox Clough and Tarn Clough on the western slopes of the Brennand River.
  • Change Work carried out % area affected
    Grip blocking Nov 2008 15
    Stocking density Spring 2008 100
    Tree planting Spring 2008 5
    Total 100


  • Upstream view
  • Downstream view

Channel Description

The channel cross-section at the instrument location is provided below. Datum is taken as the top of the diver access tube (red bar). Width is measured from the left-hand side bank when looking downstream, with locations to left of the diver tube taken as negative and those to the right positive.
Details from an MSc student project are available here . (Note, the information above takes precedence over the student report.)

Stage-Discharge Measurements

Gauge relocated 25/06/2009 (red data points)
Date Time Stage (m) Discharge (m3/s)
23/01/2008 16:10 -0.78 0.70928
14/03/2008 10:00 -0.82 0.37804
13/05/2008 12:00 NA 0.06992
19/06/2008 16:00 -0.835 0.08007
12/01/2009 14:35 -0.705 1.29500
22/01/2009 14:45 -0.66 1.94700
21/10/2009 13:15 -0.735 0.37500
19/11/2009 14:00 -0.570 2.34700

Time Series Data

The recorded levels (not corrected for atmospheric pressure) and temperature are shown below, separated out by month.

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