How to use this database

Accessing and Using the Electronic Project Record

This page provides details on accessing and using the Electronic Project Record (EPR), which contains all of the collected and assembled data. The EPR should be used in conjunction with the Final Science Report, which gives essential information on the use and interpretation of the data.

We hope this website is intuitive to use - but if not, the guide below should be helpful.


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Figure 1: Breadcrumbs
For convenience, a 'breadcrumb' trail is shown - this shows you where you are in the database heirarchy.

Navigation Menu for PC and tablet

Figure 2: Navigation Menu for larger screens (ie desktop computer)
Navigation through the EPR is via the menubar located at the top of the page.

Navigation Menu for mobiles

Figure 3a: Navigation Menu for smaller screens (ie mobile devices)
On a smaller screen such as a mobile device, the standard menu will be hidden, but accessible via a 'menu' button.

Figure 3b: Navigation Menu for smaller screens, expanded to show sub-menu


Figure 4: Sub-Menus
Clicking an item on the main menu will open a sub-menu. The main menubar is divided into sub-menus, each containing related links relevant to that group. Click on any main link to access it's sub menu. The example above shows the 'Products' menu.

Accessing the Data

Figure 5: Accessing the Data
To access the field monitoring data, click on 'Data' in the 'Products' menu group. This will take you to the Data page

Figure 6 SC060092 Data page

The pins shown on the map in the SC060092 Products | Data page are active, and when a pin is clicked a new page is called up. Active icons also appear on some pages (Table 1).

Example data page

The SC060092 Products | Data page shows all the instruments. Clicking on a pin or an "information" icon brings up an instrument page, such as the SC060092 Products | Data | BRE_out page shown in Figure 7. The instrument pages have a range of useful information, including locations, photographs, channel cross sections and time series measurements.

Figure 7: Example of a Data Page (Brennand Outlet, BRE_out)

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